Program Contacts

Got a question? Don't be shy about querying one of our friendly council members. For program specific information please highlight the appropriate program "link" on the left side of the page or select the email address below to query the program coordinator directly.

Baseball  Matt Muller

Basketball  Liz Piper 
Field Hockey 

Jen Etzel

Adult Fitness Karalee Theilman
Football & Cheer  Justin Otto

Chuck Pool

Karla Pool

Karate  Joe Hesen
Boys Lacrosse Ian Ismirle
GONZO Lacrosse Kevin Domboski
NC Pickleball Tony Artista
Girls Lacrosse  Dave Butterworth

In-House Soccer  Nick Irwin
Travel Soccer  Derek Ludlow
Softball  Mike Hernandez 

Matt Bien

Tate Myers


Track & Field  To Be Announced

To Be Announced Soon

Volleyball (Adult) Theresa Mendoza
Volleyball Clinic  Teri Leatherwood
Wrestling  Kyle Smith
Zumba Alex

Board Members

Andy Kiler, President
Jim Miller, Vice President
Heidi Lippy Sprinkle, Secretary

Rich Wagner, Treasurer
Teri Leatherwood, Board Member
Jim Miller, Board Member
Gerg Penczek, Board Member

Patrick Zito, Board Member Scholarship Committee Chair

Patrick Zito, Scholarship Committee Chair
Gary Siegler and John Woodley, Grievance Committee Co-Chairs

Debbie Wunder, Publicity
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