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Program Contacts

Got a question? Don't be shy about querying one of our friendly council members. For program specific information please highlight the appropriate program "link" on the left side of the page or select the email address below to query the program coordinator directly.

Baseball  Donnie Barnard 
Basketball  Liz Piper 
Hooked on Hoops  Heather DeWees 
Basketball Bootcamp Jeff Butler
Dance Jessica Etzel
Field Hockey  Jennifer Lleras
Football & Cheer  Chad Seifert
Golf  Lee Bopst 
Karate  Joe Hesen
Boys Lacrosse Michael Strohman
GONZO Lacrosse Tim Stecher
Girls Lacrosse  Mark Sprinkle
In-House Soccer  Bobbie Humphrey
Travel Soccer  Chris Briley
Softball  Mike Hernandez 
Tennis  Ron Mercado
Track & Field  Amanda Gates

Volleyball  James Lutz
Volleyball Clinic  Teri Leatherwood
Wrestling  Andy Kiler
Yoga Jennifer Zeller

Board Members

John Woodley, President 410-374-6571
Karen Rickabaugh, Vice President 410-374-9935
Anthony Artista, Secretary 443-632-7366
Rich Wagner, Treasurer 410-596-4297
Jeffrey Howard, Board Member 443-291-6408
Diane Hurd, Board Member 410-374-5618
Frank Riegert, Board Member
Patrick Zito, Scholarship Committee Chair
R. Wayne Barth, Grievance Committee Chair
Debbie Wunder, Publicity  410-374-3330
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